Why Bible Translation?

WHY translation of the Bible?


Why do you need the translation of the Bible?

We believe that the only way that we can help the suffering world – to give them the Word of God

Think for a moment about the tragedies that are happening in our world today. War. Genocide. Human trafficking. Violence. Hunger. Poverty. All of this – a reflection of the modern world, where sin is rampant. There are many organizations whose purpose is to fight against social injustice. But someone has to eradicate not only the disease itself, but also its root – sin. And to do that, we can only – people who accept Christ as their Savior.

We believe that the only way that we can help the suffering world – is to give them the Word of God. Some people on this earth have never seen a single verse of Scripture. They know nothing about the God who loves them and offers them salvation and life change. These people can meet with great difficulties and problems in their lives. And someone needs to take steps to respond to their pain. We believe that we have the “someone” …

Today there are many translations of the Bible into Russian. We have so much material for the study of the Word of God, it would take several lifetimes to read it. At the same time, to date, of the nearly 7,000 languages spoken by the world, approximately 2000 does not have the Scripture – not a single paragraph, a single proposal, not a single word

But the reality is that after 2000 years, 2.5 billion people – about a third of the world’s population – have never heard about Jesus. And never hear if we do not go and do not tell them.

Even now, 180 million people live without a single word of Scripture in their own language. NO SCRIPTURE, not to mention the comments, books and educational materials. How can they truly follow Jesus without the word of God?

Our generation could witness the time when all the peoples of the world will have access to God’s Word in their own language

The current situation in the translation of the Bible gives us confidence that by 2050 all language groups will be on the ground of the church, using the Scriptures.

Our goal – translation of the Bible into the languages of the nations, who have neither the Church nor the Scriptures.
These people live in extreme spiritual poverty.

Pray for the Romani people and other nationalities who have no Bible. Ask God to send more employees to our team and to bless the opening of new projects

Donate to finance further development ministry Bible Translators Ukraine. We plan to release the Easter story in four dialects of Romani, to hold two conferences on teaching oral Bible stories, spend some linguistic studies in Ukraine, to develop training materials for literacy (alphabet, dictionaries, children’s books, etc.)

Join our ministry as a missionary or volunteer. We plan to start working with the unreached people of the North Caucasus region of Russia, as well as develop relationships with national minorities in Ukraine.

Working together, we can change the lives of people who have no Bible, no church, no hope

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil – is that good men do nothing”.

Edmund Burke