Prayer – Our strategy

Caption for photo: Pray with us!
We perform our ministry with the full realization that fighting on the field of spiritual battle. The forces of evil are not willing to unreached peoples have seen the light of God and come to the knowledge of the Truth. Only the power of prayer to help destroy any case the evil one.
We believe that all the great works of God begins with our prayers. We need constant prayer support and invite you to pray with us.

Prayer requests:
• For peace and stability in Ukraine
• For the unity of purpose and the heart of our team
• That God extended mission Bible Translators of Ukraine and allowed to open 2 new projects until the end of 2016
• That God brought the faithful people who will become the new team members
• For the Romani (Gypsy) project and for revival among the Roma peoples
• For people who are working on the translation and adaptation to the Romani dialects (now it is four dialects – Vlašský, servitsky, Zakarpattia and Crimea)
• For the opportunity to carry out linguistic research in Ukraine
• During a conference on oral Bible stories and for that among the Roma peoples, God put this ministry coordinators
• Tuition literacy of Roma peoples
• For that all Roma have been issued passports, birth certificates of children, and other necessary documents
• For God to increased donations for Bible Translators of Ukraine, so that we can work in existing projects
• To our generation has been witness to the time when all the peoples of the world will have access to God’s Word in their own language

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