You are not here by accident

“Who will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose it shall revive it ”
Luke 17:33

Have you ever experienced such moments when the Holy Spirit told you to do something so going beyond your comfort zone that you have everything inside freezes?
Do you feel that God is calling you to help the unreached peoples? Does it hurt your heart that the Kingdom of God spread to the ends of the earth?
Does all of your questions … to more questions?

Relax and take a deep breath … you are at the right place. We have designed this site specifically to help God to find people like you – people who want to find their calling and help the translators of the Bible in the Ukrainian ministry of unreached peoples.

Some of you may now just to collect information about where you can serve God … at the time, as some of you have a little confused about what steps to take next. We are glad that you are here! We think that this was no accident.

We pray that this site helped you grow spiritually and gave you an understanding of God’s will for your life. We hope that the information on the site will serve as a certain spiritual direction for you, and you can see if you want to become an officer in the service of Bible Translators Ukraine.

“Our biggest fear should be no fear of failure and fear to succeed in life that really does not matter”

Francis Chan