About Us


Organization of Ukrainian Bible Translators is a bridge between the church and the people who do not have the Bible. Our team consists of Bible translators, evangelists, teachers, literacy, founding churches and other professionals. All of us are working in order to see life transformed by the Word of God in every nation.

We are looking for new missionaries who are ready to respond to the needs of people not in the Bible.

Our vision

The Word of God in the language of the heart is able to change the lives of all people of all nations
Our confession of faith

• Bible Translators Ukraine accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. He – the only begotten Son of God who died on the cross for the salvation of all mankind. We believe in one sovereign God, the Creator, the infinite, perfect, and things of eternity in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
• Anything that makes the mission PBU, is done under the sovereign Lordship of Christ and with the intention of making his Savior and Lord over the whole world
• In order to get this gift of grace, God calls everyone to believe in Christ, repent of their sins, confessing Jesus as Lord, and on the basis of this immersion in Christ
• We accept the Bible as the Word of God. We regard the Bible as our authority in matters of religion, and as the basis of all our faith and practice. True knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ comes to us through the Word of God
• We recognize that Jesus Christ created the church, and that it was created for all who obey the Gospel and belongs to Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church
• Nature of the Church as the People of God is determined by the Holy Spirit, whose presence there gives the church life and power
• The mission of the Church – to bring the message of salvation through Christ to all mankind and to call them to obedience to Him as Savior and Lord
Core values

We do what we do because we appreciate …

• The Church as God’s instrument to carry out its mission to all peoples glorify Him and worshiped Him
• Achieving the language groups that do not have the Bible, and the base of them growing network of churches that are adapted to the context
• Access to the Word of God for all people, without which there is transformation of life, discipleship and church growth
• Obedience to the Instruction of Christ through teaching people how to follow Jesus, and through a life that reflects the values of his Kingdom
• The partnership with like-minded people to achieve common goals
Strategies and Methods

Four main strategies Bible Translators

1. To mobilize the people of God
• Praying Lord of the harvest
• Calling on God’s people everywhere to pray, to sacrifice and to volunteer in our ministry
• Preparing and sending missionaries
• Involving people who do not have the Bible, the partnership

2. To ensure constant access to God’s Word
• Defining needs through research
• Translating the Bible
• Developing the necessary literacy program
• Through oral, visual and written materials necessary for the establishment of churches and apprenticeship

3. Instruct do not have the Bible in accordance with the Scriptures
• Living in such a way as to glorify God and to serve as an example of the influence of the Bible in our lives, including personal evangelism and the work of compassion
• Working with existing churches to lead them to greater use of the Scriptures in their own language
• Founding and strengthening the church to increase the use of the translated Scriptures
• Promoting the use of local art and music to increase the influence of Scripture
• Serving the community through the development and provision of social and spiritual help

4. Accelerate mission through teamwork
• Through collaboration and partnership with other
• After building an effective team
• Through the care of the missionaries and their families

History of creation

God inspired Al Hamilton in the mid-1970s, the desire and vision to mobilize more of God’s people for the task of translation of Scripture for each language. He and other members of the Christian churches began to set the missionaries for church growth movements to translate the Bible. They decided to form a mission, which would work in close collaboration with the mission of Wycliffe. But this new mission was to mobilize churches and send missionaries who would use the Bible translation and literacy as a strategy for church planting. Based on this vision, the mission of Bible translators born in 1976.

Serving Bible Translators Ukraine started in April 2014. During this time, we started a project to work with in Ukraine Romani (Gypsy) people. According to unofficial data, in 2001, about 100 000 Roma living in Ukraine. It’s 15 ethnic groups, most of whom do not have access to the Scriptures in the language they understand. Our staff are working on the translation of the Scriptures into 4 Romani dialects, has made the adaptation of the First Letter of John and the Christmas story (according to the Gospel of Luke) in the dialect of the Carpathian Roma, held a conference on the training of oral Bible stories.

Today, the mission of Bible translators of Ukraine is a bridge between the Church and the people who do not have the Bible, the translation of the word in the heart languages of unreached people groups to transform their lives and raise a successful church.